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How to Become a DJ
In this episode, Russ and Rev discuss the journey of two DJs, sharing insights on how they got their first gigs, the importance of networking, crea...
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The Best Lighting Stands for Wedding DJs
In this episode, Russ explains how Gravity 431 stands are used for reception setups, detailing the setup process and advantages of these stands. We...
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The Dark Side of Being a DJ
In the vibrant world of DJs, where beats never stop and energy is contagious, the journey can be both exhilarating and challenging. From late-night...
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How to Be a Better Hip Hop DJ
In today’s blog post, we will be discussing the importance of cue points and short edits in DJing, particularly in hip-hop. Russ emphasizes c...
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The Best Powered Speaker for Outdoor Events
In this episode, Rev discusses how to use the E Verse 8 speaker for ceremonies, including setting up with a lapel microphone, running sound through...
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Master These 3 Scratch Techniques- Chirp, Transformer, and Tear
DJ Rev is teaching you three scratch techniques - chirp, tear, and transformer! DJs can use these tips and tricks to improve their mixes. He explai...
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How We Make Money as DJs
Let’s talk about the journeys and insights of DJs transitioning from club DJing to private events and weddings. This podcast features discuss...
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How DJ Can Pack a Dance Floor in 2024
In the rapidly evolving world of DJing, staying on top of your game is key to making any event a success. Speaking from experience and shared stori...
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