Every DJ Needs This in Their Backpack

Hey there, music enthusiasts! Today, I want to take you on a journey into the depths of my personal DJ backpack. Get ready to see all the essential gear I carry with me to every gig, from music backups to handy tools and everything in between.


Rev always starts his gig setup at the front of his backpack and works his way up, ensuring he has all essentials needed to keep the party going. Let's dive right in:


1. Music Backup:
In the digital age, backing up your music is crucial. That's why I always have a one-terabyte

solid-state drive to store all my tracks securely.


2. Microphone Magic:
A Shure SM58 corded microphone is a must-have for any DJ. You never know when you might

need to rock the mic and get the crowd hyped.


3. Tool Kit:
From screwdrivers for quick fixes to a microphone adapter for versatility, I always carry essential tools to handle any technical issues on the spot.


4. Tech Accessories:
iPhone cables for charging, an old-school needle case for Technique turntables, and a USB hub for seamless connectivity – I've got it all covered.


5. Performance Gear:
Audio Technica headphones, phase system for turntable control, XLR cables for sound reinforcement – my backpack is a treasure trove of DJ essentials.


6. Laptop Essentials:
Power cable, MacBook Air with an M2 processor for seamless performance, and a laptop stand for easy access – my setup is geared towards delivering top-notch mixes every time.


The Finishing Touches
To round off my DJ backpack essentials, I carry a variety of cables, adapters, batteries, and even earplugs for those long nights of mixing beats. And of course, I can't forget my trusty Tumi backpack, a gift from my wife, which keeps all my gear secure and organized.


I hope you enjoyed this peek inside my DJ backpack and discovered some new gear to add to your own setup.

Written By

Russ Collins

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