Upgrade Your DJ Lighting for Under $600

The Essential Lights for Private Event DJs
As a private event DJ looking to enhance your lighting setup, the first set of lights you choose can make a significant impact. Investing in wash lights, specifically color wash LEDs that can change and have built-in sound programs, is a popular choice. These lights, like the WashFX 2s, fill the room with vibrant colors and create an engaging atmosphere for your audience.


Why Not the Gig Bar? A DJ's Perspective
In the quest to upgrade your lighting setup, the topic of the Gig Bar often arises. While some DJs may consider it as a viable option, we are adamant about steering clear of the Gig Bar. The reasoning is distractions, inadequate functionality, and the questionable aesthetics of the device. Instead, the focus is on leveling up and investing in lights that truly enhance your performances.


Lessons Learned: A Personal Story of Transition
The personal experience shared in the script sheds light on the journey of transitioning from a Gig Bar to the WashFX 2 lights. Through trials and tribulations, including a last-minute technical mishap at a wedding, Russ underscores the importance of choosing reliable and high-quality lighting equipment for professional DJ setups.


The Bright Future Ahead: Investing in Quality Lighting
After four years of running countless events with the WashFX 2 lights, Russ emphasizes the durability and brightness. The journey of upgrading from a malfunctioning Gig Bar to reliable wash lights highlights the importance of making informed choices when it comes to DJ equipment investments.


Elevate Your DJ Game With the Right Lighting
The story shared in this script serves as a valuable lesson for DJs looking to upgrade their lighting setups. By investing in quality lights that not only enhance the visual experience but also withstand the test of time, you can elevate your performances and create unforgettable moments for your audience.

Written By

Russ Collins

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