Master These 3 Scratch Techniques- Chirp, Transformer, and Tear

DJ Rev is teaching you three scratch techniques - chirp, tear, and transformer! DJs can use these tips and tricks to improve their mixes. He explains the execution and uses of each technique and provides a bonus tip on combining chirps and tears for a unique sound. The script highlights the importance of these techniques in enhancing DJ skills and mix quality.


Are you ready to take your DJ skills to the next level? Today, we're diving deep into three scratch techniques that will not only elevate your mixes but also set you apart as a master of the turntables. Let's about the the world of chirps, transformers, and tears.


Chirp: Cleaning Up the Sound

The chirp technique is all about precision and finesse. Unlike traditional scratch techniques, the chirp starts with the fader open, adding a unique touch to your mixes. By closing the fader as soon as you hear the sound and moving your hands in opposite directions, you unleash a clean and crisp sound that elevates your mixes to new heights. Use the chirp to clean up the edges of your sounds and add a polished finish to your transitions.


Transformer: Cutting Up the Sound

Step into the realm of transformers, where you manipulate long sounds with quick and precise movements. By using your thumb as a spring against the fader and punching with your fingers to open it up, you create dynamic and engaging effects that captivate your audience. Transform scratch is perfect for showcasing your skills and adding a touch of flair to your mixes, especially when working with long instrumental segments or vocal parts.


Tear: Adding a Touch of Echo

Say goodbye to traditional fader techniques with tears, a faderless scratch that relies solely on your record hand. By creating gaps in the sound with precise movements, you can achieve a unique echo effect that adds depth and dimension to your mixes. Experiment with different variations - one forward and two back, or even two forward and one back - to find the perfect tear technique that complements your style.


Combining the Techniques: Chirp Tears

Ready to push the boundaries of your DJing skills? Combine the power of chirps and tears to create a mesmerizing combo of scratch-chirp tears. Start with your fader open, execute a chirp with precision, and seamlessly transition into a tear for that signature triplet sound. Practice and perfect this technique to amaze your audience with seamless transitions and captivating mixes.


Elevate Your Mixes with These Scratch Techniques

Incorporating chirps, transformers, and tears into your DJ repertoire will not only enhance your mixes but also showcase your creativity and technical prowess. Whether you're cleaning up the edges of a sound with a chirp, transforming long sounds with precision, or adding a touch of echo with tears, these techniques are sure to set you apart as a master of the turntables.


Embrace the power of these scratch techniques, experiment with different variations, and unlock a world of possibilities in your DJing journey. Elevate your mixes, captivate your audience, and watch your skills soar to new heights with chirps, transformers, and tears. Check out the video for a step by step visual to take your game to the next level.

Written By

Russ Collins

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