Elevate Your DJ Skills at Weddings

Russ and Rev dive into the topic of enhancing DJ performances at weddings and private events. They discuss the importance of incorporating scratching and other advanced techniques to elevate the client experience and set oneself apart from the competition. While some may argue against the necessity of such techniques, the hosts emphasize the impact they can have on creating a memorable and enjoyable atmosphere.


They address common misconceptions, such as the belief that wedding DJs should avoid flashy performances. Instead, they advocate for embracing opportunities to showcase skills and engage the crowd. By doing so, DJs can meet the increasing demand for elevated entertainment experiences at private events.


Essential skills for DJs: mastering phrasing, effective microphone usage, and maintaining energy levels throughout the event-  Be concise, lively, and professional to deliver a polished performance that exceeds client expectations.


Aspiring DJs should continuously practice and refine their skills, embrace innovation, and prioritize delivering exceptional client experiences to thrive in the competitive world of private event entertainment.


The use of effects such as echoes and filters can be used to creatively transition between songs and maintain audience engagement. The hosts also highlight the value of short edits for quickly delivering crowd-favorite parts of songs while keeping mixes dynamic and engaging. There are many different methods of looping, including manual looping using in and out points and auto-looping through controller settings. The hosts emphasize the importance of using looping techniques sparingly to avoid overwhelming the mix.


Moreover, they touch upon the recent release of a new controller by Rain, featuring four channels and motorized platters. It has many innovative features, such as STEM activation through fader control. There is also a new turntable by Pioneer, which utilizes magnetic clips to secure the record and sends data to the laptop for scratching and other techniques. While intrigued by the technology, they express caution due to the high cost and prefer to stick with traditional turntables for now.


Check out the full podcast episode below for more in depth information!

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Russ Collins

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